so i have this insane obsession with converse and can never get enough..just felt it right to capture my newest pair..i am in love.xoxo,sb

Paddle Board

paddle boarding's fun in and of it's self, but when you're with great friends and family it makes it even greater. evan came with us on his second to last day before he left for his mission in england. it was our "last hurrah" as we said many times for various activities. i love having …

sunday is tha best of days

everything is what you make of it.. these pictures were taken in my backyard, we were able to find a simple place and make it beautiful. it's all perception. taking what you have and making it beautiful makes it all that much better rather than having something handed to you.xoxo,sb

hannah banana

hannah is my best friend from school, i love her so much.. we can relate on so many levels. we enjoy random trips to luna's, riding dips, jamming to music, and even just laying there being lazy. we've been best friends for almost two years now. we start our senior year this year and i …

parks for days

i love parks so much, i always had. today we spend most of our day chilling at the park. we found a patch of grass, big trees, brought our music, a slack rope, a frisbee, and some of the best friends around. it was relaxing.. until we witnessed a wreck on the road.. talk about …