so i have lots of loves.
i love sunsets/sunrises
i love rad music
i love learning different perspectives
i love lists
i love pictures/memories
i love to be spontaneous and going with the flow
i love spending money
i love that i can make my own choices
i love oranges 
i love good lyrics
i love achievement 
i love dressing up for things
i love fluffy blankets
i love breaks
i love summer
i just love the fact that things can change
i love excitement of going somewhere
i love moments of emotional connection between humans
i love my name bc it’s different
i love the today show
i love cultures
i love LA
i love love

so just a little more info on me: i currently reside in louisiana. moving to utah this summer. studying biology/film.. im undecided.. help? i like to take pictures of things/capture movement of things. i really am probably the suckiest writers ever considering im extremely scattered and never fully understood grammar things. so i pretty much just type how i talk. i’ve lived in sulphur, la my whole life and i love it. sulphur is a lifestyle that i never exactly fit into but have learned to love it and have amazing experiences. i’m a strong believer in blooming where you’re planted.

so, holla at ya girl