September – 2017

2 years ago we had seen that BYU was supposed to play LSU in 2017. Our two favorite teams!! We knew we wanted to go, but as it got closer our schedule was super busy and Colby was supposed to start school the following Monday. We decided not to go, but everyone else still went down to go! It was on Mawmaw’s birthday and she was going to the game too!!! As the weekend approached I started to get major FOMO. We ate lunch with Mary-Catherine and Tanner right before they went to the air port. As soon as we left lunch I started looking up prices for flights to go down for the game. FOMO was too real so I ended up flying down and after making it just in time for mom to pick me up from the airport in Dallas! I was so happy I was able to go down! The first night we got there, Taylor and Shalynn announced to everyone else about the baby!!!!! That was a huge reason I wanted to be down there!

So many people I love in one place that we love!! Our whole family (except Colby :/) was there!! The Pogues, MawMaw, Aunt Steph, Uncle Rick, Aunt Jill, and the Powells! Love them all!

While in Louisiana we stopped by Uncle John and Aunt Kristy’s house! They had just gotten a new playhouse and so Julia and Jacques showed us around! It was the cutest thing ever!

Then I made my way back to Utah just in time for Colby to start school and for me to go back to nannying!!


Colby started his first day of his last year of college!!!! So exciting! I made him take a first day picture when I dropped him off!


I did a lot of nannying and Colby did a lot of studying.. That was the trend of fall semester.

We went to the BYU-Utah game! This was the first time (since I have been at BYU) that this game was played at home!! So we HAD to go! We sat with Rachel Rawe and a ton of her friends!

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset


One day I did not feel like going to the gym but I wanted a good workout, so I faced one of fears and hiked the Y! hahaha

On the 23rd I checked the weather and it said it was going to snow up in Park City, so Colby, Hunter, and I went up and just shopped around Main Street and ate at a yummy pizza place!

A couple other snaps as we started to transition into the fall mood:

We ended the month (and started October) on a great note: General Conference!! Conference weekends is one of my favorite things ever! The food, the company, the talks, the inspiration, the love we can feel from our Savior. I love learning from our prophets and apostles.

love, sb

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