August – 2017

I have been really obsessed with organizing lately. For my cabinets, I got all these different sized mason jars and put different food items in them. First I did all our seeds and nuts, and I thought they looked so cute!


The first week of August, Lily was still in town, and Colby’s family as well. The Cooks were having their annual family reunion. To kick it all off we hiked Mount Timpanogos! This was my 2nd time hiking.. aaaaand it wasn’t much easier! But I did it and I was so proud! I hiked to the saddle (which has basically the same view as the actual summit)! I feel like once you have already summited once, the saddle is just as good after that πŸ˜‰ hahah It was so fun! We were in such great company! Our group was basically me, all the teenage girls, the moms, and then Colby! hahah, he is such a trooper πŸ™‚ the second picture below, is Colby and his two cousins his age! They are such cute friends!



And this was the amount of calories I had burned just from the way up! Not even counting the way down! 2,064 calories is nottt bad haha.

Lily had her last day of Volleyball camp that same day! And it was also the only day that week I wasn’t going to be able to drive her there in the morning! I felt so bad but we decided she could ride our bike their since it wasn’t too far. The day before, I took her on the route she was supposed to go. We drove the route multiple times and talked about it over and over again so that she would remember! Once we reached the the top of Mt. Timp I finally got service, so I called my mom to see if Lily made it good (Lily was in camp so I couldn’t talk to her), and mom told me that Lily had taken the wrong turn and went all the way down past the Temple instead of going North!! She started crying and called mom, and mom had to guide her there on the phone by tracking her location! And when she typed it in it said she was 45 minutes away from the gym!!! Poor Lily!! I felt so bad for leaving her and making her ride her bike! But she ended up getting there safe and was only like 10 minutes late!! So it all worked out.

After the hike we rushed down to Provo to pick Lily up from camp! She had a blast! This is her group from all week! I loved having her with us all week! And once, her camp was done, she spent the rest of the week going to the Cook family reunion with us! hahaha it was awesome!

On Saturday morning, we headed off to the airport for Hawaii!!! MC and Emma came down to be with Lily before they flew home!

This was the longest flight I had ever been on! It was 6 hours long, but we were just so pumped to be going, that it didn’t even feel that long! I lugged my hat around the airport all day! #worthit thought because #socute

We got to our hotel right before sunset so we were able to see a little bit of our resort before it got dark! And I was literally in heaven, it was even better than I was expecting!


We spent a ton of time just hanging out on the beach with the kids and playing in the sun! Colby loved using the skid board. He would jump off the little mound of sand right next to the water, and would jump onto a board and skid across the water! He did it so much and eventually sprung his ankle while doing it on the second day! So he was limping around Hawaii the rest of the week! poor dude.

I took a TON of sunset pictures because it was seriously so breathtaking every single day!!!

We went to the north side of the island one evening for dinner, and after dinner we stopped by this beach where huge turtles come up to every night at sunset! The turtles were huge! I was expecting tons of small turtles so I was so shocked when I saw these massive turtles!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The next day we went parasailing and just hung out on the beach a ton

Then finally the next day we were able to go on our snorkel trip!!!! It might have been the highlight of the whole trip!! We woke up super early and took this boat all the way out to another island, Lanai! The boat looked like a big raft! Most of the seats were just on the edge, and it was just a raft edge, filled with air! So if you sat there you just held on super tight to the ropes! No one ever fell off, which I was surprised about, because the waves were HUGE!!! Especially on the way back from the island! The boat came out of the water many times because of the waves! It was sooo insane and super fun! We stoped at 3 different locations that we snorkeled at! I don’t have any of the GoPro footage, but I did get a cool picture of the island! It was soooooo beautiful and the water was insanely clear!

That night when we got back we were all EXHAUSTED!!! We rested up a little and then got ready to go to a Luau! I feel like this is a must if you are in Hawaii! We had a huge buffet of traditional Hawaiian Luau food! And then their was a show where they did the hula, the haka, and fire dancing! I was literally so so happy! It was so much fun!

We did a ton of shopping and went to lots of restaurants while we were there! Heidi and I probably went to Lululemon every single night while we were there. Towards the end, they literally knew my name and wrote my name super cool on the dressing room door. hahaha, that’s how you know you have been there too much.

On Friday, we went to the north side of the island again and did the beginning part of the Road to Hana! The first little hike we went on had a cute little stand where they sold banana bread, smoothies, and other yummy fruits! So so cute! On that hike we couldn’t find the waterfall, so me Heidi and Regan went back to the car, but apparently the boys ended up finding it and said it was super cool! hahah, oh well! The second hike was so awesome though! It was in a bamboo forest, and had tons of hidden waterfalls! It felt so so majestic! The boys jumped off the water fall and it was soooo cool!

On the day we left we were able to stay and swim that morning before our flight that evening! So we got some final sun before we left!


Our flight was a red eye so we traveled alllllllll night! I maaay or may have not taken a sleeping pill to sleep better on the plane…… at least I slept well!! πŸ™‚ hahaha.

Even though Hawaii was only 4 hours behind, it really screwed up our sleep schedule and took everyone almost a week to get back to normal! We would stay up so late because we were still on Hawaii time!


WORTH IT THOUGH! Hawaii was a grand ole time and I cannot wait to go back!

Lily started her high school volleyball games this month and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her!! I facetimed into some of her games and OMG she is GOOD!! That girl is amazing at anything she puts her mind to.


Mary-Catherine and Tanner came down to Utah and we all went to Top Golf! It was Colby and I’s first time there and it was seriously awesome! The atmosphere felt like bowling but 1000 times more fun! When you first go there, you make an account and get a ID card for your membership! When me and Colby went up to get our IDs, the lady apparently had thought Colby said his name was “Courtney,” because when we got his ID card, it said “Courtney Hansen” and we could NOT stop laughing. Thinking, back we remembered the lady had even said, “Oh I love that name” and she was talking about the name Courtney. hahahaha, we thought it was the funniest thing ever. Anyways, Tanner KILLED us in golf. He was so good! Me and mcat were just happy when we were able to even hit the ball!

We made a lot of veggie lentil soup, our favorite πŸ™‚


Some cute new shoes I got:


Watching Marie play soccer is probably the most adorable thing ever!! She is so cute and is so funny out there! Bennett really wanted to go out there to play too! Especially since Randall was out there too, coaching!

A couple days before the weekend, we decided it would be fun to go up to Idaho for the Eclispse! Idaho was in range to see the Full Eclipse and that is almost a once in a life time opportunity so we HAD TO. Plus, it was right before the semester started so we thought it would be fun to go spend time up there before things got crazy! Also, Mary-Catherine and Tanner happened to be speaking in church that weekend too, so it was so awesome to be there for that!

We went to BYU’s first game of the season, against Toledo! It was kinda weird for both of us. It was both of our first times not being on the field in a long time! So we were a little sad. But it was fun to be there. (Especially to see a win before the season took a turn for the bad and we lost almost every game hahaha)


This month was also the beginning of my new nanny job! I worked for the sweetest family. I had Caroline, 6, Ben, 3, and Zach, 6 weeks.

love, sb

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