July – 2017

We were so happy to have made it to Louisiana! We did a lot of traveling and a lot of visiting. We first went to Jena to visit GranJan, and for Colby to shadow a doctor there. He also was able to meet up with GranJan’s neighbor, Cameron. He was currently at med school in Shreveport and was able to give him so tips and some advice on the application process. It was a really good experience for him to be able to talk to someone already in the program. While he was shadowing at the Hospital, the girls explored Jena (as if we haven’t done it millions of times before). We went to a new cafe in downtown that was so so cute!!


The weekend before the 4th of July, Alex Jen and Canyon came up to Natchitoches to visit us and spend the weekend with us! It was so fun to be with that cute little dude.


We gave him a bath in Mom’s farmhouse kitchen sink and it was so so sweet!!!


We also made a cute American Flag fruit pizza! I was so proud of it! haha

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On Sunday we said bye to Alex Jen and Canyon 😦


A couple nights while we were there, we would do face masks and watch movies! SO fun!


On the 4th of July we decided to take the boat out and then have a good dinner! Lincoln came with us too and swam in the lake with us, so cute.


Mom had put up these flags on the front of the house and some on the cabins too! It looked so patriotic and so classy! I love it!



One day, while Colby was shadowing at the hospital, Mom said that if i helped to weed the garden, we could go to get pedicures. So we finished up our job and picked up Lily, then went at got pampered! haha

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One evening we drove out to Aunt Melissa’s house for one of her grandkid’s birthday party! Lily was in charge of the activity, so she helped them make some slime to play with! It was a hit! We also swam in her pool with the kids!

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On our last weekend in Louisiana, we drove over to Austin, TX to pick Emma up from EFY/drop Lily off at EFY. In between we stayed at Uncle Mike and Aunt Shelley’s house! That is one of my favorite things! I love visiting them so much! We met Emma’s “COW” Eros. We went to Buc-ees (tradition), and also just explored Austin! We went to the capital building, which was really fun to see!


Monday morning, when we were going to bring Lily to EFY, we decided to go Kayaking/Paddleboarding in Barton Springs, Downtown Austin! So me, mom, Lily, and Colby got up early to go!


Then we went and dropped Lily off! She is so so cute and I was so happy to see her go to her first EFY!!! She had a blast!


After we dropped her off, we headed up to Waco, TX! I was excited to go to Magnolia and shop around! It definitely lived up to its hype! It was beautiful!


Only a day after getting back to Natchitoches, we turned around to go back to Dallas to fly out to Washington! It was such a fun trip to LA and I was sad to leave, but also happy we were able to spend so much time there! I will come back and insert the video we made of Louisiana HERE!


We were excited to go and spend more time in Washington! When we first got there, me and the girls headed up to Spokane for Heidi’s tennis tournament! And the boys all headed up to Banff for a boys weekend of hiking!


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We were in Washington for a little over two weeks and we did A LOT of boating and A LOT of swimming! It was so fun to get out there so often! I finally got up on the wakeboard!! I had been trying many many many summers before, and I was so proud to finally do it!!


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I started my BBG workout program while we were in Washington!


The night before we were leaving to drive down to California, we found Colby’s High School letterman jacket!


We then took off for California! We were going there for Austin’s Iron Man race! Heidi drove down with us! We took the longer, more pretty way because I wanted to go through Portland, since I had never been to Oregon! It was such a beautiful drive! We stopped and shopped in Portland!


We stayed the night in Grant’s Pass, Oregon! It was so pretty! Then we woke up early the next morning and headed towards Redwoods National Forest! We got out and did a little, mini hike! It was honestly, one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to! The trees were so grand and just breath taking.


We finally made it to Santa Rosa, the night before Austin’s race! Hunter was already there with Austin, and Robin flew in to meet us! He had a nice little cheering section! Robin, Colby, and I all woke up at 4 AM to take Austin to the beginning of his race! It is such an exciting/inspiring atmosphere! To see all these people, who have worked so hard to get here, it was amazing! They swam the first part in a huge lake and once everyone got in the water, it just looked so chaotic in the water, it takes some real mental strength to do so well in that situation.



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We spent the rest of the day hanging out and trying to catch a glimpse of him at different spots along the course. We ended up only being able to find him at both of his transitions! And then we were there for the finish line, which is the most emotional part of the whole day! I loved seeing all these people cross the finish line! It was so amazing to see the looks on their faces, pure joy and exhaustion. You could see how hard they worked to get here. So inspiring.

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That next morning we got in the car and headed back to Utah! It was so good to finally be back home for a little bit!!


As soon as we got back, we picked Lily up! She had flown into town to stay with us for a week and to go to BYU Volleyball camp!! Heidi and Hunter also were in town with us that week and we had so much fun hanging out with our siblings!


love, SB

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