January – 2017

January recap! feat. mostly iPhone quality pics (which, tbh, is pretty good)

This month was PRETTY EVENTFUL!! we got married, which is pretty exciting (I will do a blog post about just the wedding…. soon… ish)


So, in December (on New Year’s Eve) we had our open house in Louisiana! Which was awesome! And then we flew out to Utah at like 6 in the morning on January 1st. Once we got back to Utah we had 1 week before Colby started school and 2 weeks before the Wedding! So basically we took that time to finish moving into our apartment. With LOTS of help from Colby’s brothers and friends, we got most everything set up. The big project was putting together our new bed. Here is what our living room looked like during that process:

50536735162__55C1BF49-F1D5-4162-8F45-DA0FE2565918 (1)IMG_3706

and here are the boys all squeezed into our TINY bedroom, trying to put together our bed. haha, I felt bad not being in there to help, but every time I tried I was in the way. The room is TINY!! But bless these boys!



So then, a week before the wedding Mom and GranJan flew out to stay with me and help with last minute things. We got SOO much done! If they hadn’t had flown out I don’t think we would have pulled off the Wedding. We made huge To Do list’s everyday and got things done! It was SO nice to have them out there and be able to spend time with two of the most important women in my life.
Anyways, now for the DRAMA. So, about 4 weeks before the wedding I decided to do this new trendy fad I had heard about.. Eyelash Perm. WORST IDEA EVER! My eyelashes started to curl backwards and they looked HORRIBLE. I though that they would calm down and go back to normal before the wedding.. but they didn’t. So about a week before the wedding the lady told me to come back and that she could fix them. So i went and they were.. better, but still horrible! I was a mess, I cried and cried haha here is a picture of how they looked when would put mascara on them:
IMG_3704 (1)
So I decided to go get Eyelash Extensions and they were LIFE CHANGING!
Next drama, hair. My advice to all brides is to have a person do your hair and plan EARLY!! I.. didn’t do that. So about a week before the wedding I started thinking about it. I had it set up with a roommate of one of my friends and she was super excited about doing it and then just wouldn’t respond the next 2 days and totally bailed. So we called so many places to see about doing it and nobody could. It was honestly the most stressful thing about the wedding hahaha. So, Wednesday morning (a day before Bridals and 2 days before the wedding) we called The Paul Mitchell School and they told us to come in within the next 30 minutes and they could do a trial run to see if I liked it. They had like 4 girls working on me and they did AMAZING!! So we booked them for the next day and then the day after that. It was a miracle! Here is a picture of the trial run:
THEN, on January 13th (yes, friday the 13th) WE GOT SEALED!!!

Colby Sarah Beth Formals-Colby Sarah Beth Formals-0065

So for our honeymoon, we went to Park City from Friday night to Monday morning! It was awesome!! We ended up getting a SUPER nice suite at the Marriott Summit Watch, which was right next to one of the ski lifts. Here are some pics of the suite:




We literally had a full sized kitchen and dining room! (that we didn’t really use haha)


Our bedroom and bathroom was massive, with 2 bathrooms connected to each other.


Skiing was the main event of our honeymoon! It was so fun! It was pretty much my first time skiing and Colby was soooo patient! haha, he was a great teacher. On the first day, we took the lift right outside of our hotel.. it was not for beginners. It took us all the way to the top of the mountain, which was terrifying for a beginner like me. After what felt like forever, we finally made it down the mountain, after many stops and teaching moments. Once we made it to the bunny slopes I felt more in my element. We practiced there for a while and then slowly worked my way to the top of the mountain again and did MUCH better than the first time.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Me and Colby got matching rubber rings for when we workout or do outdoor things. It has completely replaced Colby’s real ring, but I love it!
love, SB

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