The Engagement

I never want to forget October 13, 2016.. one of the best days of my life.

AH!! – it is so fun think back on all the crazy exciting things that have happened in the past year! My favorite thing was choosing to date/get engaged to/marry Colby Regan Hansen. He is my absolute BEST friend and I can’t imagine not being with him. Anyways, lets talk about the exciting stuff – The Engagement!

So, I knew it was coming soon. We had gone to look at rings, we had reserved the Temple, and we had done a lot of “theoretical” planning. I remember I KNEW it was going to be someday that week. I had suspected it would be maybe monday or tuesday but after getting DRESSED UP on BOTH days… it turned out not to be. At that point i was 98% sure it would be Saturday. We had something to do Wednesday night. He had football game on Friday, so that meant Thursday night he had to stay at the hotel in Orem with the team. So I KNEW it wasn’t going to be then. I decided to make Thursday my chill night, to catch up on homework and to just lounge on comfy clothes (a baseball hat and green t-shirt haha). So my best friend Rachel Rawe had asked me if I would so to Called to Surf with her to pick out a gift for her little cousin. I was so down. So she and my friend Camille came to pick me up and I was wearing the baseball hat and t-shirt (I was actually pretty lucky i put jeans on because that is not like me). When I got to the car she refused to let me in the car until I changed. She kept saying “Do you really want to get engaged in that?” And you have to understand Rachel, that is totally something she would say and it did NOT make me think that I was actually going to get engaged. I kept saying ” SHUT UP! Just let me in the car! I am not going to get engaged, he is at the hotel and there is no way he would be able to leave!!” I was so stubborn, so she let me in the car without changing. I still was 100% sure it was NOT going to happen that night. 

So we go to Called to Surf, pick out a sweater for her “little cousin.” We go back to get in her car and then Colby calls me. He just made casual conversation. He told me he was just at the hotel and that they had just eaten dinner. As we go to leave the parking lot, Rachel takes the wrong turn, and I asked her why she went that way and explained to her how the other way was way faster. Then all of a sudden I see Colby on the side of the parking lot, with flowers in his hands, still on the phone with me. My heart literally JUMPED! He was so cute!! I get out of the car, speechless and he brings me over to this cute little tree, gets down on one knee, and then I honestly don’t remember what he said. My mind was running way too fast and my heart was beating at record speeds. It was the most perfect engagement ever, surrounded by two of my best friends, and Colby’s brother Austin. After about 20 minutes, Colby had to go back to the hotel. So I spent the rest of the night with Rachel and Camille and on the phone with family! It was such a happy day 🙂 

Here is the video of me seeing colby on the side of the road:

I literally had my nails done a week before the engagement so they had already grown out hahaha. I was so anxious!!

The sweater I changed into here is actually the sweater that Rachel bought for her “little cousin,” and we returned it right after we took the picture! haha 

I love him 🙂

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