ayye ladies

so, my sister did this a few years ago, and i wouldn’t be the good little sister i am if i didn’t follow in her footsteps (which are actually smaller than mine lol).. 

tribute 2 mah ladiezzz…. yeeeeehh

boys are cute and fun to gush over, but there’s something about a good female friendship (i think it’s late night mcdonalds runs and gossip girl marathons). 

my first lady is my seeester (we talked about her up there ^^) Mary-Catherine Zachary is a freaking ‘mod’ to the ‘el’ i love her and everything that comes with her. she has always been my inspiration. she wore skorts to school, i wore skorts to school. she hated ketchup, i hated ketchup. she went to byu, i went to byu. she played volleyball; guess what, i played volleyball. anyways, she makes me so so happy. i think I’ve learned more from her than i have in my own personal experience. people ask if we are twins.. the answer is: YES (that’s what we like to tell people ;)) 

lady number two EMMAJANE 
she is seriously the cutest most perfect little freshman i have ever seen. she has the most elegant, but wild personality ever. also, if you ever want to see someone KILL it on the cello/violin i would suggest you attend natchitoches central’s next orchestra event. or you can just go ahead and book your tickets at carnegie hall because she is a wonder. i love her perspective on everything. in someways she is a mini sbeth and in other ways she is a total opposite sbeth. i love this little gal. 

and my final lady.. LILY<3
seriously the cutest child (almost teen :/) i cannot believe she is in sixth grade. she is the sassiest, most adorable little girl i know. i love to just listen to what she has to say. she’s extremely smart and insightful. i admire her capacity to love. she loves so many things people. and so my people love her.. how do you not? look at her

i love my ladies

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