school can be fun too

     okay so i did this thing where i moved 1,600 miles away from my home, lived on my own, payed my own rent, “cooked” my own food (actually my roomie is amaze and cooks for me lol), woke up on my own, and stayed up til 4 am every night (cool/not cool). It’s only been 2 months in this new lifestyle.. this is only the beginning. but i love love love it.

     my first semester of college was a success if i do say so myself. my days consisted of a little class, a little work, a little sleep, a lot of adventures, a lot of friends, a lot of deep talks, a lot of quick bonding, a lot spontaneity. It’s been grander than ever. I’ve learned a lot about myself (dont we all? lol). being away from home i’ve gained a lot of appreciation for everything i have had, everything i have, and the things i’m gaining to achieve. As this semester comes to a close i’m super excited to keep moving forward in this journey. 

     here’s a really quick, brief, concise, succinct, pithy look at my summer

xoxo, sb

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