i have noticed a pattern.. a pattern of sadness. I have, however, found a direct tie to this saddness. a somewhat quick fix. in this is also a very relevant pattern of happiness. Every single time i have found myself in a slump or in low performance, i do a quick self analysis. and 9 times out of 10 i am slacking at reading scriptures, saying prayers, loving others, or anything else along those lines. as soon as i make a positive change in my behavior, i notice a difference in my happiness and well being. I NEED this gospel. i need its peace. i need its understanding. i need its comfort and stability. i need everything that has to do with it. the gospel is always there, it is always available. however, i find myself slacking in keeping that flame of faith burning. it’s a constant struggle, a battle against adversary. but i have found it to be well worth it. 


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