i’ve done a lot of looking back lately.. its all been positive.. i was closing one chapter of my life. i was cherishing all i had and learned to appreciate it. it was a beautiful chapter in my life, one filled with little to no regrets, one filled awkward preteen years (im still pretty awk tho), with friends who will last a lifetime, with family who will last an eternity, with discovery of ones self, with discovery of others, with discovery of places, with discovery of true happiness, with discovery of an inner peace, with dreams met, with dreams discovered, but sorry no love story 😉

that chapter is closed, not to say things won’t carry over into the next chapter. but for the most part, im starting fresh. i’m writing more to my story.. in Provo, UT–where i know approximately 3 people.. so this should be interesting. I’ve dreamed about attending BYU for as long as i could remember. everything i did was with the intentions of getting accepted.. well it all came down to one email.. and i guess the odds were in my favor because i was accepted 🙂 so here i am, in a car filled to the brim with all my stuff, on my way to this completely mysterious new place. whats next? i have no idea. literally all i know is i have to check in at 5 PM friday. the rest is a complete mystery. so i guess we could say this is an exciting/terrifying time.. but mostly exciting. 

so here’s to life | here’s to new beginnings | here’s to the unknown 

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