holy heck i know the magic of senior year

it’s a thing you guys, its a really sad/exhillerating/exhausting/satisfying/defiant thing. 
so a little update from my last post. a lot has changed, and when i say a lot i mean A LOT.. first off, i’m moving. I know what you’re thinking..”duh, you’re moving..you’re going to college blah blah,” But not only that. I kid you not, my whole family is moving from the house we’ve lived in for 20 years. out of sulphur, out of calcasieu parish, out of SWLA, away from friends, away from family, away from life as we know it. if you didn’t gasp, at least in your mind, when you read that you’re lying.. because thinking of my family moving used to seem so far fetched. growing up we always said how much we wanted to move and mom and dad would just laugh. i think we really just wanted to pack/unpack all our stuff because we were weird like that. because let me tell you.. it isn’t fun packing. we are moving out of our house in two days and our house looks even messier/more full than ever. idk how this is going to work. i honestly don’t feel like we’re really moving, it seems like we’re just saying we are, that we aren’t really. even though moving is the main focus for the family as a whole.. i’m in a whole different boat. i’m almost 18.. i’m saying goodbye to more than just a house, its a state of being because from this point on nothing will ever be the same. i’ve met the most supportive and fun friends through my high school years. without them i would’ve been lost and so different. they were put into my life right when i need them, i have no doubt their friendship was sent from my Heavenly Father. It’s the most comforting thing knowing that people will love you no matter what you choose. my friends/fam are the whiz. 

here is the house that raised us. 

man, we were the most babe of kids ever. (i put this bc the roof is kinda our thing. to this day, we spend our time on the roof)
life is weird but im hecka excited for the next chapter
xo, SB

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