seniority at it’s finest

Living is fun.. experiencing is so exciting. I love meeting new people and just feeling like part of something great.. i can’t wait til i can move on from this place and meet people, experience different things, and just have a  change of scenery. But i get ahead of myself.. i started my SENIOR YEAR this past wedenesday. It’s really exciting.. one more year left here, and I’m going to make it the best yet. that’s the plan anyways. you always here those cliche things about senior year, i guess its my time to see if really is that magical. so far its lived up to it’s name. i get out of school at 11:30 everyday, what could better than that? i feel like i’m closer to all my friends and its great.. life is good. being a senior comes with tons of exciting perks such as..

1 senior parking.. like, seriously? how on earth did i even park in that other parking lot? you have to embark on a treacherous trek just to get to a place you don’t even want to be. being in the parking lot that leads straight into the school is heaven. 

2 only 4 class periods. getting off at 11:30 is so amazing..again, how did i live these past three years? I’m not sure, but being here now only going half a day is like so incredibly relieving. yeah i have some hard classes, but it’s easy to deal with when you go in, get it done, then just get out. talk about chill. 

3 how tight your class is. going through 3 years previous years together as a class really brings you close..especially from junior year heck. when you’re in really tough classes, your classmates become like family. our class is defiantly a family. it’s kinda awesome to be in this class. we have a few teachers our class has pretty much claimed..namely mrs. mcfarlain and mr. andrepont. they’re like our parents for our class. its pretty sweet. 

4 excitement of what’s happening next for sure adds to the magic of senior year. every one is going their separate ways, it’s sad but at the same time is so defiant. everything we’ve talked about through out our years is finally coming.. the dancers try out for college cheer, the brilliant ones get into their dream ivy league college, those who long for adventure get ready to embark and leave for their destination.. everyone starts to know who they are, and their classmates know who they are and are there for them through it all. 

5 all the typical “senior things” begin and the season of lasts begin.. the last homecoming, the last football season, the last basketball season, the last year of leading the student section.. then the prom, the graduation, the senior breakfast, the final things that make senior year special. 

being that I’ve only been a senior for 3 days, i don’t quite yet know all the magic of senior year, but i know it’ll be great. I’m pumped, super pumped, uber pumped, heck yah I’m pumped..go tors?


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