Paddle Board

paddle boarding’s fun in and of it’s self, but when you’re with great friends and family it makes it even greater. evan came with us on his second to last day before he left for his mission in england. it was our “last hurrah” as we said many times for various activities. i love having a group of friends that have always been there and that give me the feel of childhood.. its a comfort. its sad/exciting to see people leave and make something of their lives.. in this case a mission for our church. i am the youngest of our group so sometimes i can feel like I’m being left behind, but that’s coming to an end. i start my senior year in a few weeks and then after that its graduation and college, there’s not really getting left behind when i get to the real world too.. it’s just growing from there. i love adventures and feeling alive.. little spontaneous trips like this give me that. 


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