weekends upon weekends

     I LOVE weekends like these. Full of family and always doing things! I just love being busy, getting things done, and bonding with family. How could someone not enjoy getting to know family even better? It brings such joy to me and is so great!

     Last weekend we went to Natchitoches, were my cousins live, and spent the whole weekend there. When we first got there, we went to Claire’s soccer playoff game! It was so cool to see her play! She’s so good! I didn’t even realize. The next day, Saturday, we went to Shreveport to MEGA shop. I’m not kidding, it was crazy! And super fun! It was way tiring though. The next day, after church, we all went outside all day and made a video:


Check it out! It was a blast.

     I go to school, just to get through it alive and on to the next weekend.

     This weekend, the Methvins have come here instead. We’ve been doing fun stuff so far, and have some fun plans for tomorrow!

     I have a lot of fun things coming up! I get to go to the Temple, hopefully, next weekend! I absolutely adore going to that place. It’s so beautiful and I can feel the spirit like no other place. It’s my safe haven, my escape. I can get my thoughts in order, and my priorities straight. It really magnificent! In two weekends, I get to go to Houston for an EFY Express. This is an amazing opportunity to grow my testimony! I am so excited! I get so pumped for spiritual growth. Nothing is more beautiful and special than growing and maturing into the woman I long to become. All these special chances I get are such blessings to me. I hunger for these opportunities on the daily. And I am fortunate that I live close to a large city that has these wonderful things. Weekends are amazing because it brings these wonderful things. I look forward to it all week!

     The only thing not so good about the weekends is my awful eating habits. All the fun makes me careless in what I put in my body. I regret it every weekend. I am setting a goal, right now, that I may keep a regular diet steady and keep my body healthy.

     Here are a couple pictures from my mini photoshoot this weekend:


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