Seek Always

     I had a pretty cool/eye-opening experience today. It was something small and subtle. Nothing huge. Just a little slap in the booty to get going.. Earlier, after a little bit of running around for my family, I just wanted to relax and avoid going outside to run. I decided I wanted to go get caught up with an episode of “Bun Heads” that I missed a week back. No big deal right? So I went into my mom’s room to watch, curtains closed, lights off, just a perfect relaxation atmosphere. I thought that this was this best thing ever for that certain moment..after a long day of school, to just watch TV…be lazy, really..
     After my show was over, I moved on over to my phone. Checked up on Facebook, Snapchat, and then Instagram. As I scrolled through my Instragram news feed, I was seeing beautiful displays of the after another. I didn’t really think much of it at first, but after I saw similar pictures over and over, I went back to the beginning and read the captions of them. All 27 of them said some thing along the lines of, “God’s Creations, Beautiful sky this evening! Grateful!” Now, you have to understand, this pictures were BEAUTIFUL, every single one of them. All of them were put on by my friends that live here in Sulphur. As I was seeing these, I ran out of the bedroom ready to see this (like I said a while back, I’m a sucker for sunsets)! As I get to the living room windows, I see black, pitch black. The sun has already gone down, I missed it. I missed out on witnessing a beautiful creation of my Beloved Heavenly Father. All because I thought sitting in a dark room, watching a TV show is what I needed. It was NOT what I needed. My soul hungered for things like that and I totally missed out. I was late, I wasn’t prepared.
     I relate this to life, for all of us. Are we couping ourselves up ignoring the beauty all around us..surrounding us? We must open our curtains, step into the beautiful resplendent light our Father in Heaven provided for us. Let us not be late searching for this beauty. The thing is.. Heavenly Father’s light is even greater and more magnificent than these sunsets. Are we missing out on that? Step into the Glory.
     I made a promise to myself today, never, not once, will I let the things of the world, the temporary gratification, distract me from seeking whats right and what makes me truly happy..eternally. Taking every spiritual moment I have to improve my testimony, better myself, and improve my relationship with my Savior. Why would I want to miss out on that? Speaking more physically, I am never going to miss out on an opportunity to see Heavenly Father’s creations with my eyes and enjoy the beautiful nature that is all around us. Nature is evidence that Christ lives and testifies of the Gospel. I will never miss out on an amazing opportunity ever again. Nothing can get in my way.
     Here are just SOME that I saw posted:

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