doing what I love

     I’ve always loved photography! But never have really had people who could help me out (and never been comfortable in front of the camera). Finally, the little girls are growing up and I can actually do things with them. I’m teaching them everything I’ve learned about photography, and they love it, and I love it. Also, this past year my self confidence shot up and I actually feel comfortable (somewhat) with people taking my picture!

     So yesterday me and the little girls, with intent of making a video (also a passion of mine), went and got paint and just started painting each other! It was so fun! And it was a beautiful day! I taught Lily how to use the camera, and she went to town! We got some good shots! Here are SOME:

     It was a beautiful day! Thankful for times like this! Now time to go read church/mothering books. (its what I do)

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