Hola مرحبا Bonjour Saluton 你好

Hi World! You’re kinda a big place.

     I’ve been wanting to do something different lately.. something that is new. I wanted to do something that is me, and something I would love to do, and look forward to doing. I’ve thought, read books, and read some more (mainly because I love to read). I’ve always read people’s blogs leisurely and have gotten much inspiration from these people. I love reading what people have to say about certain things. So…I jumped on board. I want to one day help inspire people to do something, or live a certain way. I made this blog! Serving as a journal, in a way, the things that mean the most to me will be posted about.. LDS Church, Books, Personal Growth, Dreams, etc..

     This blogging business is kinda a cool thing. I love the idea of ranting on about what means the most to me! Coming up with a name of the blog was a difficult task for me. The cliche “My Life.” or “sb3th” was not going to cut it. I chose “Cloud Nine” because it pretty much covers everything. “Being on cloud nine” exemplifies the joy I have in my life and day to day activities. This joy comes from my knowledge of the Gospel, and my deep love for my Father in Heaven. My testimony of the church is the most precious thing I own. Through all my trials and dependence on Christ, I am able to better my testimony each and everyday. I literally can feel my spirit and testimony grow as I read my scriptures, read other church doctrine, serve others, pray, share what I know with others, and even just smile. This is what brings me pure joy and puts me on Cloud Nine

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